Sean Carothers is the owner of Carothers Construction, a Mississippi construction firm that has operated since 1957. Over the years, in addition to being involved in Carothers Construction, Sean has pursued various entrepreneurial ventures.

Outside of work, Sean Carothers is an avid skier, having skied in such places as Aspen, Colorado, Grand Targhee, Idaho, and Alta, Utah. The best advice that Sean has for new skiers is: “Find a great teacher. Then find a method and stick with it.” Sean is a strong believer in the Clendenin Method. John Clendenin is a world champion mogul skier who is now in his 60s. He has spent a lifetime perfecting the method and fine tuning how he explains it to students. Sean trained with Clendenin and describes him as “an excellent coach who understands and can explain the nuances of proper skiing technique better than anyone I have ever met.” The method is particularly useful because it works in all terrain.

Bowhunting is another one of Sean Carothers‘ hobbies. In addition to the general thrill of hunting wild animals, Sean enjoys the challenge of perfecting his bowhunting technique. Learning how to continually improve his skill with each hunting trip continues to excite Sean and attract him to the sport. While every form of hunting poses challenges for the hunter, the level of proficiency required to harvest game increases exponentially when hunting with a bow. Therefore, a successful hunt is much more rewarding on a bowhunting trip due to the sheer amount of effort that goes into a successful hunt.

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